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What temperature should I cook homemade pizza dough at? How long should I cook too?

My wife picked up some frozen homemade pizza dough from Draeger's Market in Los Altos the other day so we can make pizza for breakfast! My son's idea, not mine. :) I've seen recipes all over the web for temps between 400 and 425.  I know the pizza oven has to be hot but I don't want to burn the pizza either.  I'll try 425 and 10 minutes and report back!

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Pizza.....one of my families favorite.Oven heat will vary depending on your oven.I make pizza at least 2 times a month.Next time try the pre made dough from Safeway or Traders Joe's.It's ready to bake and you won't need to thaw the dough first.I bake mine at 425 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes.We like ours crispy, so I watch it closely and when it turns a golden brown and cheese is melted .....It's done.

Never made a breakfast one...interesting...might have to try that !

over 7 years ago