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Is it ok to use Pam Baking Spray when a recipe calls for greasing the pan?

I'm a total newbie when it comes to baking.  I'm making some Cinnabons at home and the instructions called for greasing the pan but since I have a can of Pam Baking Spray in the cupboard I want to give it a spray! ;)

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Yes, I use it all the time when I bake or when I want to make sure things don't stick to a pan. Pam Baking Spray is so much better than messing with grease. Make sure you spray the sides too. Happy Baking!

over 7 years ago
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I use it all the time, making sure that I grease the sides also. Have not had a problem with it at all.
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I generally always use Crisco, but I think if you are just greasing the pan, the spray is okay if you like that kind of product. On occassions when I have used the spray when "greasing and flouring" the pan the flour ends up moist, and not to my liking.  Again, I generally always use Crisco.

over 7 years ago