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I need advice on how I can fix my unraveling rug! The edge of the carpet has come undone. Can I just sew this or do I have to take it in?

If I have to take this in where should I go?  Thanks!!!

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There is a carpet store on the corner of El Camino Real and Castro Street in Mountain View. Or you can look for a store close to you.
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Erica I think you have 2 choices.First you can try sewing it using a special needle and thread for heavy fabrics.Or you can try a tape to see if that will help stop the fraying. Both can be found at Joann's Fabrics or Michael's Craft Store. If this doesnt work, you might need to take it to a rug shop to see if they can do anything.

over 7 years ago
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I have to update you about the rug JackieV. I tried the heavy duty thread and needle last night. It was extremely difficult and since my sewing skills are nil, it didn't go well at all. I think I'm going to try asking someone who can sew and if that doesn't work into the rug shop it must go. It was a very expensive nice rug, it concerns me that it's unraveled like this so quickly. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions once again!
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