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Everyone in the neighborhood is getting their driveway painted and I am considering it but how does it look after a few years?

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It is under $1000 to have done...HOA wont allow pavers so we decided to invest in a good power washer to keep the concrete looking nice forever! thanks!
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Felix is retired, however, he was a concrete contractor, doing concrete patios, driveways, etc.  He said he would never paint a concrete driveway, once you paint it, you will have to redo it every few years, the paint peels with age.  Pavers are very popular now.  Our driveway happens to be concrete squares outlined in brick.


over 7 years ago
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I figured as much, We invested in a good power washer instead and figure we can keep it looking good this way, and use it for other things also!
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Is it painted concrete? I thought about doing the same thing, but decided not to. While driving around the neighborhood and looking at other driveways, I see painted ones that have faded over time.I decided to go with pavers and have it sealed.I would talk to your neighbors and see if they are happy. Doesn't hurt to get an estimate and see what the guarante is.

over 7 years ago